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What can CAIA do for me?
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What can CAIA do for me?

Nobody that's being honest can tell you exactly what CBD will do for you. And, although we know CBD has worked for millions of people for a long and wide list of benefits, no CBD brand is actually allowed to make specific claims. Here's why

What we can do, is share what has helped our customersAlso, we make it easy to find out what CAIA can do for you, with our Wellness Guarantee. And of course, we promise that we'll always produce the highest-quality, most effective, full-spectrum CBD available.

Here are 4 Simple Things to look for, to find CBD that's safe, effective, and really worth it.


In this modern world, it feels like there's always something new demanding our attention and making its way into our daily lives. It's no surprise that more people report feeling stressed or anxious. CAIA can help quiet the "noise" and calm your mind, to bring balance back to your day.


Whether managing body aches that have nagged you for years or helping speed up recovery after an intense workout, the CBD in CAIA can help reduce inflammation and ease pain naturally, effectively, and safely. So, go ahead and do those extra reps. CAIA has you covered.


It doesn't matter how many healthy choices you make if your mind or body can't utilize them. Nothing supports overall health as much as daily, consistent, uninterrupted sleep. CAIA can help to fall asleep faster and experience the restorative effects that only quality sleep can provide.

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How we do it

We earn the term Premium, every step of the way.

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Step 1

California-Grown Hemp

grown to organic standards. So, we can ensure we're using the highest quality hemp available to create the highest quality product.  And, supporting American farmers and family-run businesses, just like us.

Step 2

Whole Plant,
Full-Spectrum CBD

Minimum processing is used to ensure our CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids, including a small amount of THC (under 0.3%). This amount of THC is not enough for a psychoactive effect (to get "high"), but is especially important because THC works synergistically with CBD, to produce the greatest health benefits.

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Step 3

100% Organic
Infused Flavors

We believe the only way to deliver the highest-quality product is with the highest-quality ingredients. So, only 100% organic ingredients are used with our full-spectrum CBD oil. We also run a number of quality control tests to ensure every bottle is consistent and effective.

Step 4


Finally, our products are independently lab-tested to ensure the THC content is below the legal limit of 0.3%, and CBD content is accurate and matches what is promised on the label.

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Wellness never tasted this good.


We've infused the clean, rejuvenating freshness of peppermint, and the purest full-spectrum CBD available, to help enhance your sense of well-being and support overall wellness.

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The sweetness and the tang of wild orange, and the unmistakable zest of ginger, to delight the senses while you experience the fast-acting restorative effects of the purest full-spectrum CBD available.


Virtually free of odor or taste. This is the most versatile form of plant-based medicine. Use traditionally, as a topical, or add to beverages, to unwind tension and restore balance, that comes from the purest full-spectrum CBD available.

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